First Comes Love by Emily Goodwin - Review

First Comes Love

by Emily Goodwin

I sometimes feel like reading some juicy-romance, they are usually quick read which, most of the time, I won't remember in a week time. 
It's really hard to find a New Adult with a good plot and strong characters, most of them are just trashy read. I have just a few of NA reads that I've enjoyed, the only writer that comes to my mind is Penny Reid.

About the plot:
Lauren is a vet student, she is pretty up-tight, the image of a good girl; Noah is the bad-boy who lives life as it comes day by day making troubles. Noah felt for Lauren in highschool but he never acted on it since she is his best-friend little sister. 
Several years later they will get mixed together after a few extra drinks will lead to sex. What could have been a simple one night-stand will become much more when Lauren finds out she is pregnant. Will Noah clean-up his act?

It's the typical bad-boy good-girl story, nothing new there. The characters are annoying and stereotyped. The plot doesn't have a major twist, leaving the story on a basic level. For it's genre it's an ok book, quite boring for me.

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