Me Before You by Jojo Moyes - Review

Me Before You

by Jojo Moyes

I pick up this book a few month ago watching book to movie trailer on youtube, thinking I was gonna read a romantic tale, but one quarter into the book I was already crying like a desperate kid whose ice cream just fell on the ground. Me Before You is much more than a romantic story, it's an utterly addicting read about life, misfortune and hard decision.

Louise has an extraordinary and colorful character and wardrobe, but a pretty simple, boxed life. All begins to change when she suddenly loses her job and has to find a new one having no qualifications. Out of options and work possibility, in a little village as Stratfold, she applies for a career position. The job look pretty simple she will have to keep company to Will, who after an accident was left completely paralyzed below his mid torso. Will has no desire of living anymore and when Lou finds out he wish to end his life, in six month time, she sets out to change his idea.

Jojo Moyes did a fantastic job with the characters and their interaction bewteen each other, making them real and relatable. They were well rounded with flaws and needs, like human are.
The love story felt realistic down to earth without curls, she is not telling us about a fairytales kind of love, but a true unexpected love and the freedom to choose how to live our life.
The writer was able to bring under the light the controversial theme regarding the euthanasia. 
In this story we have Lou who wants to understand a decision that she find incomprehensible, and Will who is strict and uncompromising, he refuses to accept his new circumstances and wants his way out. Nobodies agree with his decision to end his life, but thought out the book you get his perspective and starts to understand if not share his will. 
All the feelings that perfuse from this characters are really strong, it's inevitable for you to feel with them. You will laugh at Lou and Will jokes, you will cry for their choices and struggle, and at the end closing the book you will be stunned. Well, I was in a comatose state for the whole day, it was too much for me, I still cry when I  talk about the book.
The writings is marvelous, flawless, the story flows by quickly and strong.

Me before you is one of the best romance novel I ever read I would highly reccomended to everyone, just be aware you might cry!


Here you can see a beautiful book talk with Jojo Moyes:

Here is the Trailer for the film. I'll have to wait until September 1st for the release in Italy, still too long. Quite excited through the cast looks amazing! So let's hope for the best.