Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles #2) - Review


by Marissa Meyer

What an upgrade this book had from Cinder! He went from adventure to badassery.

 As in the first book this is still a retelling and as you did probably grasp from the cover we are going to get involved with red hoods and famish wolfs. Marissa Meyer takes little from the the original Little Red Hood building her own unique story. 

We left, at the end of the first book, with Cinder locked up in a cell; she know will have to escape becoming the the Commonwealth's most wanted fugitive. In her attempt to escape a new character will tag along with her, Thorne Carswell, a chatty hilarious thief. With this add the story take off to a new level.
Halfway around the world, Scarlet Benoit's grandmother is missing, but her nice will do anything to find her, even getting herself involved with Wolf, a street fighter who seems to have informations about her grandma whereabouts. Scarlet and Wolf will discover that even if her grandmother looked like a harmless old lady, she was carrying secrets that might affect the whole universe.
The two story develop side by side until they get tangled in the end, bringing together all the characters. Now together they will have to find a way to defeat Queen Levana who has no intention of abandoning her plan of hegemony.

I did have some doubts on how the two stories alternated each other, the changes did break up the story, it didn't flow naturally until they unite at the end of the book. But in an overview it had a good plot with some unexpected twist.
The best thing about this second book where the new characters we are introduced to. First of all  Thorne, that bring to the story his charming and flirtatious personality; in second the hot and cold relationship between Scarlet and Wolf. Their interactions were more entertaining compared to Cinder and Kai, I enjoyed reading about them and found myself curious where it would lead.
I also like more Cinder and Kai apart from each other than together, as in the first book.

It is a light YA/Fantasy/Sci-fi, but is able to keep you glued to the book until the end. I will for sure pick up with the rest of the series and probably have a peek in Fairest just to see where Levana gets all that bitchery from.