Tea Time and PokemonGo #2 - Tag

PokemonGo #2 - Book Tag

Disclaimer - the book tag idea and the graphics are from Read at Midnight, Pokemon Go belongs to Niantic and Nintendo. 

With all the hype going around PokemonGo, I just couldn't pass this book tag.
You can't go anywhere this days, without seeing people walking around with their phones on hand ready to catch'em all.
If once it was difficult to talk with a friend at the Pub cus of FB feeds, now you have to watch out for Bulbasaur too. Technology will take away any social interactions soon, but while we let that happen here is the book tag:

I don't remember the first book I've read, but I do remember the first book I felt for and made me love reading. It is Harry Potter - The Order of the Phenix. You are probably thinking why the 5th book in the series, because I was an ignorant muggle who thought it wasn't necessary to read the first fourth book since she did watch the movies; how wrong I was! I did make up for it right after finishing the Order of the Phenix, starting the series from the beginning.
J.K Rowling made me a reader, it's thanks to her that I discover my love for readings, picking up from fantasy to classics growing up.

My favorite Classic is beyond any doubts  Alice's Adventure in Wonderland  by Lewis Carroll.
I'm kind of a fanatic, I collect copies of this book. If I find a strange, beautiful edition of it I'll buy it. I was in France this year and I found a beautiful french copy, illustrated by Benjamin Lancome that I just had to have, and I don't know french...So yes I'm obssed with it, right now I own eight different edition of it and I don't think i'll be ever finish with it.

After - Anna Todd's series. I love to read romance in summer but last year this book was literally everywhere, every book shop had it in full window display, it was on every damn book blog,  at the grocery stores, EVERYWHERE. I was so sick of seeing it that I never got myself to read it and I think I never will. I mean is a fanfiction about OneD that got through publishing, I wouldn't pick it up if it it was the last book on earth, I'll probably use it as fire log.  

This wasn't easy to choose there are few books I loved that weren't unique in their own way. The only book series I could think of that was not 100% original but that is one of my all time favorites is The Maze Runner. It came out with the flood of dystopian on the market, but on my opinion had a mature feeling to it, the plot was more cruel and twisted leaving the romance on the side, just how I like it!
I had great fun reading it!

I've been hearing great things about Patrick Rothfuss and The Kingkiller Chronicles, those books weigh a ton. But that's not the first reason I can't bring myself to read it, the biggest worry is that the last book still not out yet and it looks like Patrick Rothfuss is taking his time to finishing it... So what happen is I read the first two books, I love them and I have to wait ten years for the last book! No, I just can't, when this fantomatic book will come out I will start the series.

Lots of book did! I'm an avid night reader. The last one I simply couldn't put down was After You by Jojo Moyes. Amazing book sequel of Me Before You I just kept saying just one more chapter and than I'm gonna sleep, but I didn't until it was four in the morning and I had to force myself to sleep.

The book couples that got me fangirling like a psyco were: Kez/ Inej  & Wylan/Jasper from Six of Crows, I ship them so hard, if you never read the book you should definitely check it out all the characters are amazing!
Another couple is Kell/Delilah from A Darker Shade of Magic, one of my all time favorite series, they have a great interaction between them, nothing cheesy but full of sparks. 

A book I literally flown through was  A Court of Mist and Fury, second book in a Sarah J.Maas's series - A Court of Thorns and Roses . Even though it's not a short book (624 p), it felt like a short story. I did eat it up. Once started, I couldn't put it down and I kept thinking about it when I wasn't reading it.

I've been drooling over the Harry Potter Hard Cover Boxed Set that look like a Hogwarts trunk for FOREVER. Every honorable witch should own one. Look at it! Isn't it a little beauty?! I should start a crowdfunding campaign on FB to help my poor self get it.

When you love so much some writer you don't even have to know what the next book will be about to be sure that you are gonna love it. My auto-buy Author are: Victoria Schwab, Patrick Ness, Claire North, Jenny Han, Jojo Moyes and the lately add it Leigh Bardugo.

Forever is a big word, but every book release I'm waiting feels like to much time.
The most anticipated book releases of next year are: Vengeful, sequel to Vicious by V.E Schwab; Crooked Kingdom, 2nd book in the series by Leigh Bardugo; A Conjuring of Light, the finale to the great Victoria Schwab's magical series. I'm also waiting for the play transcription of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I already preorder it on Depositary and the book release will be  in three days time. Can't wait to get my hands on it!

I had fun doing this book Tag. What about your pokemon-book? Do you share some of mine?