Autumn did finally kick in and halloween is at the doors. So be ready to be spooked!

Halloween in Italy was adopted as festivity, so it's not such an important day. It's is definitely more celebrated in England or America, where every kids wait for this magical day where getting a sugar rush  and scaring people is allowed. I spent one halloween in England and that was the best of my life. There was all the mental preparation to it: carving the pumpkin, getting the sweets, creating a costume and finally when the day came I was ready to spook some kids.

I had so much fun as an adult that it became my favorite creepy-time of the year. So I thought it would be funny to celebrate it with you in a spooky book tag!
This tag is a mix of bits of different book tags, I just took the tips I liked the best from each and made some up.


What book would you crave and set on fire?

This is actually a hard question, first book are sacred for me and second I haven't read many bad book lately. I had to scroll down my goodreads book to see which book mada my more mad and the book that raised a killing vibe was Cruel Beauty by Hodge Rosamund. As a writer she has spectacular skills, but I still don't know how she does it in the end I always come to hate all her characters. So I wouldn't mind doing a little bonfire of it!

Which character would you likely bring back to life?

The character I would likely bring back to life is Dobby, from Harry Potter by J.K Rowling. I think his resurrection wouldn't corrupt the plot, because come on J.K was it really necessary to kill him and ruining my childhood??

Which book or series left you grieving?

Not to pick Harry Potter again I will say Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. This book emptied me of all my emotion and left wandering around for days mourning, before I was able to move on. I'm still not completely healed from this loss.

Pick a character who is a trick and one who is a treat?

Let's start with the latter one. Any character from Victoria Schwab will probably do the work, but the one that made me lick my finger was Victor from Vicious. I still have drool on my face everytime I think of him The fact that Victor is a malicious character, who has a quirky and unique idea of justice should make me think a bit more about my taste...
The character that was a trick for me is for sure Tamlin what a twist of character Sarah J.Maas did bring in the second book of the series. We go from a loving Tamlin to an obsessed stalker freak one, and she does it so smoothly, she is a master.

Which book you read had the most creepy ghost?

I don't read many horror  stories, but thinking hardly about it a lot of books I've read have ghosts or imagined/hallucinated  one in it. The winner for the most creepy ghost goes to Catherine from Wuthering Heights. Her figure already did give me the creeps alive, as a ghost she would have scared the crap out of me if I saw her in real life. While reading about her haunting spirit, I felt like Joseph, a superstitious old chump.
Just a bit under her comes King Hamlet's ghost, Hamlet's father (gosh did they not have fantasy with names!!), he was something else, quite disturbing.

Which is the book or series that made you a compulsive buyer of anything related to it?

Alice's Adventure in Wonderland is my little, not so secret, obsession. I have 8 different copy of the book, one of which is in french and I don't speak french, doesn't matter since it's a beautiful copy, illustrated by one of my favorite artists Benjamin Lacombe. Apart from that I have different items related to Alice's world, and they are never too much!

Which character would you like to be for halloween night?

Kell from A Darker Shade of Magic has a magic cloak with infinite pockets full of smuggled tickets, a black eye and black magic running in his veins. I would pay to be his doppelganger for a night, and come on who wouldn't like a cloak that makes you fit in any world? 

This were my bookish halloween curiosity. Do you have more bookish spooky questions? Do you suggest some peculiar reading for halloween? Leave a comment and let me know!