Has you might have seen in this lately I got caught up with university and left my reading behind. But that doesn't mean I'm not actually reading at all, I've just been really, really, really freaking slow. 
So let's get in what I've been reading and what I'm looking forward to read next!

It's been a month since I started The Girls Who Went to War by Duncan Barrett and Nuala Calvi and I finally got around. I loved the subject so much that I'm writing my paper on it for my British History class.

I'm also reading Hamlet for class, and is been a pleasant surprise. I hated Shakespeare when I was in middle-school, he was over romantic for my taste and did write in an incomprehensible english, but picking it up again now I'm amazed at how much I actually love it. I will be sure to pick up more of his works in the future.

This october some amazing books came out that I was waiting for!

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Illustrated edition.

The Harry Potter business machine is unstoppable, whatever they do is going to be a success. With Harry Potter and The Cursed Child  still at the top of the chart as a bestselling and the spin-off movie coming out in the middle of november, the second book in its illustrated edition by Jim Kay it's going to be a hit!
It really looks like they want to publish the whole series and I'm more excited than ever for it, even though looking at the size of this two first book I'm not sure how they will manage with the fifth one. 

The Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

The first book of the series was mind blowing! I can't wait to discover what happen to our crew after pulling of an impossible heist and finding them self empty handed.
If you haven't read it yet and love adult fantasy novel, Six of Crows it's for you. 

Wonder's series

In Italy did finally came out Shingaling the third spin-off from the Wonder book by R.J Palacio. I loved the original story not so much  The Julian Chapter, but I'm looking forward to the Charlotte and Christopher stories. Also they are small and quick to read!

That's  probably it for november put I always wish that I'll be able to read more books. What is your TBR for the month of november?