FRANKENSTEIN by Mary Shelley - Book Review


by Mary Shelley

I finally got to read the whole version of this classic since it was in my english literature course TBR, and what an amazing surprise!

"You are my creator,
 but I am your 
master- Obey!"

The story is well known to everybody so I'll be brief. Victor Frankenstein is a brilliant young man whose ambition and intelligence push him toward the discovery of the "secret of life", secret which we are not revealed. But once his creation is completed he refuse and repulse his own creature. The rejection from his creator and afterwards from society, will lead the the being to become a "monster", whose only goal in life is the destruction of his maker.
It clearly not an horror, scary story as we are often pushed to think, but is a story that revolves about real and relatable sentiments. The "monster", as it called, it more human than his creator. Made as a scientific experiment by an overly ambitious man, he was born pure but been alone and rejected on sight by his maker and the others he gradually turns to evil.

"Even that enemy 
of God and man 
had friends associates
 in his desolation; 
I am  ALONE."

Through the whole novel I kept thinking at how different the story could have gone if Frankenstein showed love and understanding to his son, instead by rejected him he sealed his own misfortune.

The book is beautifully written and the english is quite modern. Apart from some too long, repetitive and boring description of nature, I did find this book most pleasurable and entertaining.

4.5/5 STARS

The 2015 movie inspired by the book with Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy.