THE 5TH WAVE, starring Chloe Grace Moretz directed by J Blakeson - BOOK vs MOVIE

directed by J Blakeson

Before reading the book I saw the movie trailer and I thought: " Wow this is gonna be a kick ass movie!". Well it wasn't exactly as I had immagine.

I read and quite liked the 2013's novel by Rick Yancey (REVIEW HERE) that did put a good emotional spine to another dystopian tale of teenager facing the world end.
Cassie Sullivan (Chloe Grace Moretz), our heroine, is a high school student that from the book came out has a mature and determinate women, that doesn't need some dude to define her. It's this strong character that push me to read the second book in Yancey's trilogy, 2014's The Infinite Sea, of which we are unlikely to see any movie adaptation since the failure of the first one at the box office, but whispers do run around on the web. Who knows!?

Despite the strong presence of Kick-Ass star Chloe Grace Moretz as Cassie, the movie is more concentrat on the cliche of the love triangle that made big phenoms of Divergent and Twilight. I really don't get the reason to put more light on this aspect while the book keeps its focus on the survival and the emotional conflicts of our protagonists. The director of the movie turned this story in a languid teenage love one, quite unrealistic in a apocalyptic background. Not to talk about Alex Roe as Evan Walker that apart from a cute face doesn't offer much. Other than the Moretz's performance also Liev Schreiber as Commander Vosh made a good impression on me.
As in every  world's disaster movie bridges (we will ever see a movie where the Tower Bridge is no falling?), planes, skyscrapers are destroyed,  with the computerish graphics letting you down. 

I stand by the idea that the book was better and the movie in itself would have totally be a failure without Chloe Moretz as a lead, but her alone wasn't enough to sell another dystopian washout.


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