THE TEMPEST (2010) starring Helen Mirren and Felicity Jones, Directed by Julie Taymor - BOOK vs MOVIE

 directed by Julie Taymor 

"We are such stuff that dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded in a sleep"
-Prospero in the Tempest-

When you read a play you can never imagine its full potential until you watch a stage or movie adaptation of it. I read The Tempest (-->REVIEW HERE) by William Shakespeare and wanting to see the characters brought to life I found this movie adaptation of it, directed by Julie Taymor mind and makers behind the theatrical representation of The Lion King. Acting in Prospero/a's role nothing less than Helen Mirren and starring in the role of Miranda the new star of the Star Wars' universe Felicity Jones

Everything was suggesting a Beautiful movie. What we got was clearly beautiful, but more than a movie we watch is a theatrical performance. I really liked though, not only but I think that was a good and wise choice from the Traymor. Apparently not everyone thought the same since on IMDb it gets only 5.4/10 and didn't do as good at the box office either.
Otherwise I think that Helen Mirren was amazing in the role of Prospero/a, and I found it quite interesting for the role to be played by a women. As in the play the presence of Miranda's mother is almost completely deleted, I felt as if in Prospera the two figure were finally reunited. 
Apart from the concrete performance of  Helen Mirren, also Felicity Jones is perfect in the role of the pure, wondrous Miranda. She is able to bring to screen the naiveness and wonder of the character without trivialize it. While as in the book I still couldn't appreciate Ferdinand's role, not to discredit Reeve Carney that did his best in this hopeless role.
To mention are also Russell Brand and Alfred Molina as Trinculo and Stephano, they simply made the laugh of the movie.

Costumes and scenery are beautiful and perfect for each part. I have a small grumble on Ariel graphics and appearance that are part of the old generation in term of special effect.
In contrast with the opinion of the mass I liked this movie and I think it is worth to see and useful to reread the play from another perspective. Since this plays are made to be performed on a stage or as in this case on a screen, THE MOVIE WINS.

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