THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, starring Emily Blunt, directed by Tate Taylor - BOOK vs MOVIE

directed by Tate Taylor

I liked the book (-->REVIEW HERE), it was a page turner, engaging, full of suspense and mystery. The perfect summer read. So I can imagine that Fans of the book weren't probably happy about the changes made in the adaptations from book to the big screen. Whatever was shifting the destination from the gloomy London to New York, or cutting out Rachel's drunky sex scene, which I was eagerly expecting, the movie did a selection of what to bring on the screen and as it usually happens things got left out.
Yet having wait quite a long time after the book to watch the movie, I found myself enjoying it. It was able, nevertheless the changes, to bring back to the surface all the feelings that I had while reading it. What did definitely catch my eye was the outstanding performance of Emily Blunt, she was able to portrait perfectly Rachel, the drunky heroine of the book.
I've got to say that in the book I pictured Rachel as ugly, Emily Blunt can't get anything near the definition of "ugly" but the way she wears the character is perfect. Just some cracked lips, watery/red eyes and the unhealthy color skin were able to give the exact appearance of an alcoholist. Of course nothing would have worked if it wasn't for her amazing acting skill. 

She is the solo lead of this drama, while the other female characters, Megan Hipwell (Haley Bennett) and Anna Watson (Rebecca Ferguson), don't leave a bigger impression than they do in the book. Haley Bennett female heroine in The Magnificent 7 (2016), is suited for her role has the intriguing Megan, but her character doesn't' come across as strongly as in the book.

What the move is lacking is the ugliness and humanity that did emerged from the characters in the book. They had perversion, obsession and fears; they felt real and well characterize on a psychological level. In the transposition to the big screen, the deepness of the characters was a bit lost, but they still managed to do a good job.
It's a really contemporary movie so the photography and the costumes are great for the suburb metropolitan background. I did appreciate how they tried to display Rachel's memories and drunken sight, blurry and moved, it did really gave the right idea.
If I had to choose between the book and the movie: I will say that the book is able to give a full and complete experience while the movie does this only in part. Still a good movie, you should definitely check it out.


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  1. Great book vs movie review. I have yet to read the book and/or watch the film.

    1. You should definitely check out the book, it's a thriller but not to sophisticated, easy and fast to read.


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