DRACULA (1992), starring Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, Anthony Hopkins and Keanu Reeves directed by Francis Ford Coppola - BOOK vs MOVIE

DRACULA (1992)
directed by Francis Ford Coppola

Probably the most famous and well-done movie adaptation of Dracula is Coppola's one. Has it claims from the title, this is a very straight adaptation of Bram Stoker's novel (REVIEW-->HERE).

The movie follows with the book well enough, straying only to streamline storyline to save time, and draws from it in aesthetics. The events and style mirror the journal/letter structure of the novel but don't follow it entirely. The main addition to the plot was certainly the love story between Mina and Dracula. While in the book Mine is repulsed and disgusted by Dracula, in the movie we see how the attraction starts from their first encounter.  Dracula thinks of Mina as the reincarnation of his deceased wife, and that why in the movie he comes to England. Their relationship is heavily sexualised, as any other interaction with the women, where Stoker portraits a more chaste image.
Coppola shows us also how Dracula came to be, while in the book, apart from knowing that he was a conqueror, we are never explained his point of origin.
Other small different that can be overlooked since they were mainly made to make the movie streamline more fluid.

I loved the costumes and the settings, to which is shown a particular research and attention. The acting can seem a little scratchy for our modern standards but it still effective and Gery Oldman was able to bring Dracula - excuse the oxymoron - alive.
Coppola's movie takes considerable creative liberties with the source material. However it's clear that Coppola was really familiar with the novel, brings to action a keen reading of it. It's not only an interpretation or a tribute to Stoker's novel, but also to the gothic genre.
In some way, he made Dracula even more gothic. He explicit the sexual content and humanized Dracula through romance, getting rid of the Victorian taboo while leaving their presence and presenting a more complex character not only driven by ambition and thirst for power.

I enjoyed Coppola's reading of the novel and I would certainly recommend the movie but at the same time, one of the features I love most about Dracula was in fact that he was dehumanized, a monster inside out.




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