A Dirty Job (Grim Reaper #1) by Christopher Moore - Review

by Christopher Moore

It took me sometimes to finish  it, the uni's exams session did break up my TBR, anyways I finally got sometime to relax and enjoy my readings. 
This book caught my eye in the bookstore for the creepy title and cover, and I was a goner once I read the sinapsis. 

Our hero, Charlie Asher, is a pretty normal guy with a normal life, a Beta guy inside out. He is married to a brilliant, pretty women and they are about to have their first kid. But when his wife dies, other deaths follow. People start dropping dead around him, he hears whispers from under the streets and see darks presence in San Francisco. Something is changing, seems like ,Charlie Asher, has just been recruited for a new job: as Death, or to better say it one death. It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it.

A Dirty Job is a good mix of genera, we have death merchants, hounds from hell, grotesque monsters and an impending doom. Everything has a good hint of humor, all the characters are quirky and they always have a smart comeback.
But all the quirkiness and irony, that are just right on spot in the first half of the book, are a mashup of bad humors and are repetitive and boring in the second part. 
The writing style is good from start to finish, he is really good in creating funny dialogue, but it loses some of that easy going vibe while you get to the end.

Overall it's a funny book, it's a good laugh, easy and relaxing to read. I'll probably check out some of his other books!

3.5/5 STARS

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