A Conjuring of Light (A Darker Shade of Magic 3#) by V.E. Schwab - Review

A Conjuring of Light
by V.E. Schwab

Victoria Schwab nailed it down again! She became a certainty, in all her book the writing is: elegant, composed, confident, polished, just pure bliss. And in A Conjuring of Light - final instalment in the A Darker Shade of Magic trilogy (#1,#2) - she give her best, making it the perfect conclusion for the series. Victoria Schwab is not yet 30 and she feels - quoting the New York Times - like an old pro. But let's stop with my eulogy, and get straight to the book.

In A Gathering of Shadows we left Red London celebrating the end of the Element Games, but while festivity are taking place, darkness is casting a shadow over the Maresh Empire, making space for another London to rise. Are heroes will have fight, with every possible means, against a magic force that is moving to drain the world for its greed. 

Every character is so fleshed-out, you will except (wish) them to jump out of the pages and come to life. they  are well-rounded and they keep on evolving. We see Lila, who in the previous installment came out has hot-headed and more boastful than I could take, showing determination and strength. From the free of attachment kind of girl, she became someone who is ready to die for the people she care about. She is more mature without losing the boldness and fierceness, that made her the character we all love.

"Only you would mourn the vessel instead of the sailors"
"Well," she said matter-of-factly, "the ship certainly didn't do anything wrong. The people might have deserved it."

We also get a better spectrum of Rhy and Alucard relationship - secret from Alucard's past and some mind-blowing plot-twists will determine our crown prince's future. Rhy is also put under a different light in this book, he is gone past the rebellious fase, and he is starting to behave like a mighty king.
But the most extraordinary character of the book was Holland, so complex and mesmerising. We get a better look at his past and we get to understand him better. He reminded me of Vicious in more than one way, he surly shows that nothing is just black or white, that an object changes depending on the perspective you are are looking it from. 

"I keep wondering" he said softly, "if all of it is my fault. Where does it start, Tieren?" 
He looked up. "With Holland's choice, or with mine?"

There was a loose end in the plot with Lila, you will get what I'm talking about when you pick up the book - cus you will-, that I'm trying not to hope it was intentional. From what I notice in Schwab's book nothing, not even the smallest details, is put there by chance so this missed realisation is making me think of another waiting adventure. I'm trying not to hope for it, thinking at a possible new series in the ADSOM's universe is too much, it will break my heart if not.
I think that I could go on and on talking about how good this series was, but that will that you away precious time to read it!


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