A Gathering Of Shadows (A Darker Shade of Magic #2) by V.E Schwab - Review

A Gathering Of Shadows
by V.E. Schwab

"How do you know when the Sarows is coming?
(Is coming is coming is coming aboard)...

Here we are back with my favorite Fantasy writer of all time: Victoria Schwab and the fantastic characters of A Darker Shade of Magic.
In this second installment of the Trilogy (A Darker Shade of Magic #1), old and new characters are back in Schwab's multiverse, and you are probably gonna love them even more than the first time!
Kell - the Antari traveler, who likes to smuggle little trinkets in between worlds-; Lila - once a thief, now a pirate and maybe something more; Rhy - the charming Prince of Red London, freshly back from the dead-, Alucard - the cocky Captain of the Night Spire with a mysterious past-, and many more.

We left, in the first book, with Lila sailing off to unknown venture; and Kell back in Red London, having bond forever his existence with his brother, Rhy.
After the threat from the Dane twins is called off in White London, and Vitari, the pure magical force casted back with Holland's dying body into Black London, thing are finally starting to settle down in Red London. They city is buzzing with the preparations for the Element Games - an extravagant international competition of magic- that will draw back into port some old friends.
But while one London is engaged in the festivity, an ancient shadows has been woken in another. It just seems that if our protagonists don't go looking for troubles, this one follow them.

"Delilah Bard had a way of finding trouble"

I couldn't be more happy with this fallup of the series, give me pirates and a magic tournament - that did call back HP memory - and I'm sold. And if you also look at the covers of this series, they are beautiful, even the internal graphics are superbs. Not to mention that as usual Schwab's writing skill looks effortless. Her writing is like breathing, natural and essential. In her book nothing is excessive or lacking, everything is always well balanced.
She is the true magician in this book, transforming words in vivid images and sensations. Her use of language is detailed and evocative, making the reader drown into Kell's and Lila's world. A World where all the different sub-plot, each with their different characters, are brought forward until they converge into one. This clue point, was the case of the Element Games, until the competition all the characters are split as we left them in the first book, but they are slowly drawn together chapter by chapter.
The characters are well-rounded, we get even more depths in them. Delilah Bard was the best Pirate/Thief  and much more that I ever read about. I can't get enough of her is the baddest badass of them all and she doesn't give a damn.
Let me also advise you that if you get to the end you will immediately need A Conjuring of Light. In fact the second book stop on a cliffhanger, leaving you leaning in like at the end of Soap-Opera's episode. 


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