A Monster Calls, starring Lewis MacDougall, Felicity Jones and Sigourney Weaver, directed by J.A Bayona - BOOK vs MOVIE

A Monster Calls
by J.A. Bayona

"There is not always a good guy. Nor is there always a bad one. 
Most people are somewhere in between"

I loved the book,(--->REVIEW HERE), Patrick Ness is one of my favorite writers and after waiting so long, I was finally able to watch the movie (we still need to wait until the 18th of May for the italian release).
The book/movie tells the story of Conor (Lewis MacDougall), a child whose mother (Rogue One heroine, Felicity Jones) is terminally ill; one night, he is visited by a giant tree-like monster (Liam Neeson). Anticiant, wild and relentless the monster will share three stories with him, and at the end of them Conor will have to tell him a fourth one, the Truth.

All the feelings and emotions I had while reading the book, did resurface. You will ached for Conrad, as he struggles to process his mum illness, the absence of his dad and the rejection of his peers. Lewis MacDougall was amazing in his role - such a young actor with beautiful expressions and good skills - he is able to guide you through Conrad's grief journey. MacDougall's angry big eyes are the mirror of the conflicts raging in Conrad's soul. 

The rest of the cast did not disappoint. Felicity Jones (Lizzy) was marvellos, the relationship between mom and son was palpable. 
Sigourney Weaver is not kicking any aliens here, but she is playing Conrad's grandmother, Mrs. Clayton. She needs to help her daughter, Lizzy, with her treatments and also look after Conrad, that was pretty much left to himself until her arrival. As a character she was able to come across even better than in the book, her facial expression could have suffice, she made an outstanding performance.

The graphics were a bit of a let down - probably budget shortage -, but the photography and the settings were beautiful. Starting from the Conrad's house, homely and lived in, to his uptight Grandma's one, bent and sculpted into gloomy antique furniture.
Apart from the computer glitches, the whole movie was near perfection. It follows the book step by step, while giving it a more adult twist. I would highly recommend; on Rotten Tomatoes is scoring a 87%, which I think is pretty damn good!

EVEN! Both book and movie are amazing.



  1. You are the millionth person who recommends this book - and now movie - and I have yet to read - watch - it. Shamelessly, I have the desire to watch A Monster Calls only for Liam Neeson's voice. Ha-ha-Ha!
    Great review!

    1. You should definitely give a shot at the novel first! It's really short ;)
      Hahaha, Neeson voice is beautiful when he tells the stories!


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