Frostblood (#1) by Elly Blake - Review

by Elly Blake

Frostblood is the installment in Elly Blake's Frostbrood Saga - three book have been announced until now- and if you are a block of ice you should prepare to be melt down in this new YA fantasy book.

"You don't know the effect your words have on me, Lady Firebrand. It took year to build up this ice. You will melt it and then I will be broken."

There's a war going on earth between Fireblood and Frostblood, an old conflict created by greedy Gods, so Ruby - a fireblood stuck in the Frostblood's kingdom- has to hide her power from the cruel eye of the ruling class. But once discovered, her mum is killed and her village set on fire. 
Luck seems to turn her way when a mysterious rebel Frostblood, Arcus, demands her help to overthrow the bloody king. While busy saving the kingdom, the temperature between Ruby and Arcus is rising, let's just hope they don't catch fire!

If you read a lot of mainstream YA fantasy book, you probably have already read this story. In fact this book is full of chlichè, yet the writer did manage to hold my attention.
If I was reading a book of this genre for the first time, I would totally love it, but I've already read about society split in two groups, a heroine different from everyone else, whose destiny has already been carved in a prophecy and who by pure chance falls in love with - drum roll- the mysterious guy that is supposed to be the enemy. I mean if you have read Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, this is practically a false copy of it. 
Frostblood is unremarkable under many aspects, but somehow manage to still works. The dialogue are crafted enough to be funny, and the heroine is well rounded - even though I would have appreciated more psychological depths. For our male counterpart I can't say the same, he was quite flat, aiming for a Heatcliff 's model but never getting there.
The writing style is good, too stereotypical for this genre, but still able to hold the your attention making it a fast read. One of the most remarkable feature of this book is the cover, I'm digging this style!

In summary it was an ok start for the series, I'm hoping to see some real sparks in the next book of the series, Fireblood, coming out September 2017.



  1. I was surprised that the second book is coming out this year also, at least to my knowledge.

    1. Yup, and a love triangle is in sight....


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