The Enemy Within by Scott Burn - Review

The Enemy Within
By Scott Burn

I've been craving some YA, sci-fi adventure for a while, so when I got my hands on The Enemy Within I was prepared for an extra terrestrial trip!
The 5th Wave meets I am number 4 in Scott Burn debut novel, while bringing a new spin on the human/alien conflict.

Max always felt he was different, he was never able to fit right in, but since the visions came he feels totally estranged. He keeps on seeing a burning city, pain and suffering overtaking his mind. He can't understand what he is experiencing and it's getting stronger with time. Thinking he is going crazy he attempts suicide, failing and as a consequence handing up in a mental institution. But sooner he will discover that his hallucinations weren't just in his head. 
While stuck in the mental hospital, three others are searching for Max. They , as Max, don't really fit in with humans but are something more. Each of them has a special ability, that will come in handy when a military organization comes after them.

The novel has simple premise, that we can find in a lot of YA books, but we get some twist and turns that are worth the reading. Even though it uses some eternal sci fi clichè, which I'm sick of seeing in movies and books, the writer is able to make the story interesting with some unexpected plot twists.
The characters are well outlined, the author was able to give them a good psychological depth. The protagonists of our story are really fun to read about - some exchanges were hilarious - and it was nice to see their relationships evolve. 
I loved the story and how everything played out, but what is bugging me was the world construction and the absence of descriptions. A lot was left out to the reader's imagination, there was too much blank space to fill in, making the scene and settings sometimes difficult to picture. It felt, at time, more like a script than a book, which was a shame since the story had a great potential. 

Apart from my little grumbles it's a good reading, quick and fun. You will certainly not regret it!

3.5/5 STARS 

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